Provide the right support in the practice of video games.

In the form of courses, on both the theory and practice, members will be supervised by competent and professional people to give meaning to this discipline.

The Objectives

  • Promote the healthy and responsible practice
  • Encourage social bonding through this practice
  • Raise awareness of the risks linked to video games
  • Share a common experience through a media
  • Discover and recruit new talents
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A physical place to meet and share experiences around a common passion, video games.

We provide professional guidance and support to people who want to learn, train, improve or simply have fun.

Through our structure, we will provide a public utility service in the domains of:

and social action.

Prevention and awareness of the risks associated with video games among young people. We would like to offer information sessions in our center on the following topics:

  • addiction to video games;
  • cyber harassment;
  • privacy in the digital world;
  • financial debt (purchase of additional paid content in game).